Our firm provides comprehensive legal services throughout Greater Danbury, Ridgefield and throughout Fairfield County and will guide you through the legal process with strength and support.

WE CAN HELP YOU if you are contemplating a divorce or are currently involved in a divorce proceeding or family law matter, or have a post judgment matter that needs attention.  You will need a strong, caring, attentive and capable attorney who will listen to your needs and concerns and focus on you and your best interests while providing you with a caring thoughtful approach and sound legal strategies.

WE CAN HELP YOU if you are accused of breaking the law or soon to be charged with a crime.  You will need an aggressive criminal defense attorney who will defend and protect you and provide a strong advocacy to protect your Constitutional rights at every step.

WE CAN HELP YOU to be sure your Estate Planning documents are in order so your loved ones will be protected at the time of your death.  Therefore, creation of your Last Will and Testament as well as Trusts are necessary.  In addition, prior to death, you will need: a Power of Attorney designating a person of your choosing to step into your shoes and do whatever you would have been able to do if you become incapicated in any way; and a Living Will indicating you do not want to be kept alive by artifical means (life support) in the event you are in a permanently unconscious or vegetative state without any hope of retrieval.  With the above three documents in place your family can be assured at the time or your incapacitation or death, everything will run as smoothly as possible at a very vulnerable time.

WE CAN HELP YOU if you are seeking legal representation for a real estate purchase or sale.

"I am incredibly grateful to have had you as an advocate through such a stressful time.  You certainly lived up to your reputation as an extremely effective and forceful legal representative on my behalf" - SB

"I was referred to Giustino Capodilupo because I was charged with drug possession.  The person who referred me said "If you're in trouble with the law, this is the guy you want on your side."  There were 12 charges against me. Attorney Capodilupo was able to get 11 of them dropped.  He is a lawyer who knows what he is doing, and I highly recommend him.  I would trust no one else to represent me" - CJ

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